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X712 Wheel Aligner 3D Launch

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X712 Wheel Aligner 3D Launch

X-712 Wheel Aligner
X-712 Wheel Aligner is the first wheel aligner with 2 cameras system which provides 3D models and full-range of wheel alignment service through visual measurement technology.
Customized LED Display
Tough Target
Ergonomic Clamp
3D/2D View Programme
Localized Database
Item Measurement Range
Toe-in                                0~±20º
Camber                             0~±8º
Caster                               0~±20º
Steering axle inclination     0~±20º
Thrust angle                      0~±5º
Maximal rim size               Depending on the size of the wheel clamp
~ Complete test: The X-712 Wheel Aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as       front wheel toe-in, front wheel camber, caster, steering axle inclination, maximal steering angle, thrust angle, toe-out on turns, rear wheel toe-in, rear wheel camber, wheelbase difference, track width difference, etc.
~ Brand new 3D computer vision measurement: automatically test the aligning angles with high performance camera.
~ Positive targets: there are no electronic components inside the targets, and no cables between the targets and the main unit, so the targets are easy to be fastened on the wheel clamps.
~ Provides many kinds of auto test processes and diagram operating interfaces, very simple and clear to operate; the whole test process can be performed automatically, and there are some humanity tips on the corresponding interfaces.
 ~ Complete databank: wheel alignment data of over 20,000 vehicle models is stored in the system. User can also add    new data to the databank.
~ Automatically record the history data, easy for customer measurement.
~ Profuse vehicle adjustment animation and HELP information.
~ Provide real-time help with help system.
~ Provide the function of data back-up and restoration, and of software upgrade.

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